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Cost Comparision

Mother's House Publishing understands the budget restrictions that your parish may experience every year.  We have devised our catechetical text system with your needs in mind.

  • If cost is no object, purchase a Catectist/Director Edition for every catechest and a Participant Edition for every person in process, perhaps including sponsors.
  • A moderate solution involves sharing of books year to year.  In other words, you purchase a nominal number of text books, utilizing Workbooks which contain every page from the text book that prompts a response, and the text books are then used for the following years.  Catechists should have a Catechist/Directors Edition but those can be shared as well from year to year.
  • If the budget is so tight it squeaks, only purchase a Catechist/Directors Edition and a nominal number of Workbooks.

Mother's House Publishing applauds your efforts to remain in budget while providing a superb resource for your process participants and catechists.

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